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Blademasters League: Longsword Score Table – Jun 2019

Please find the updated rankings of the Longsword division below:

Nameno of BoutsWinsLossesDrawsPoints total
Joe H181251177
Luke L171250168
Brian M131120135
Andrzej R13670115
Nuno V13742112
Branden T13751107
Martin B13742101
Michael N1073093
Karl S1458170
Tomasz N1129064
Michal N1228259
Sam K824250
Fionn BC13111150
Grzegorz K532041
David B321022
Ronan L504117
Donnacha MC50419

We’re almost halfway through the League! Joe took over the first place again after the last session with only 9 points ahead though. Brian is on the third place with 32 points away.

Everyone can still easily catch up as there’s 6 more league tournaments to go!

Meanwhile, you can watch videos from the last Fight Night below:

Training Schedule – Apr 2019

April 2019 Schedule:

Mon 01/04/2019 – Longsword Training
Wed 03/04/2019 – Open Day: Longsword
Thu 04/04/2019 – Longsword Training
Sat 06/04/2019 – Limerick Longsword Workshops
Sun 07/04/2019 – Longsword Training
Mon 08/04/2019 – Coached Sparring: Sabre
Wed 10/04/2019 – German Longsword Course 1/10
Thu 11/04/2019 – Ringen Training
Sun 14/04/2019 – Waterford Sabre Workshops
Sun 14/04/2019 – Sabre Training
Mon 15/04/2019 – Coached Sparring: Longsword
Wed 17/04/2019 – German Longsword Course 2/10
Thu 18/04/2019 – Sidesword & Dagger Training
Sun 21/04/2019 – *Training Cancelled*
Mon 22/04/2019 – *Training Cancelled*
Wed 24/04/2019 – German Longsword Course 3/10
Thu 25/04/2019 – Blademasters League: Longsword
Sun 28/04/2019 – Blademasters League: Sabre
Mon 29/04/2019 – Longsword Training

Or click here to see our Schedule Page (bookmark it!)

Blademasters League: Longsword Score Table – Feb 2019

Blademasters League 2019 – Longsword section standings are below:

Score Table –
Nameno of BoutsWinsLossesDrawsPoints total
Luke L431049
Brian M541048
Grzegorz K532041
Martin B430138
Michael N532036
Nuno V523030
Karl S532026
Andrzej R413026
Tomasz N312025
Branden T514024
David B321022
Michal N412118
Fionn BC40408

Luke is currently leading the longsword charts but anything can happen before the end of the year so let’s start with tonight’s session!

Meanwhile, you can watch videos from the last Fight Night below: