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Cork City Military Show 2019 – This Weekend!

With great pleasure we’d like to invite everyone to join us this weekend @ Curaheen Grounds for Cork City Military Show!

It’s a great weekend gateway – a family oriented kids friendly event with lots of attractions, including demonstrations from various reenactment groups, traders, craftsmen and many more!

We’ll be there as well on both days promoting Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and showcasing some of the historical fencing styles that have been dominant throughout the ages: Medieval Longsword (XIV-XV), Bolognese Sidesword and Dagger (XVI-XVII), Military Sabre (XVIII-XIX).

Forecast is good and the weather should clear out by tomorrow 🙂
So if you are in the area during the weekend drop by to Curaheen grounds between 11am and 4pm on Sat or Sun and check us out!

German Longsword Course 7/10 – Wed 07/08/2019


WHAT: German Longsword Course 7/10: Thumb Grip, Zwerchhau & Schielhau
WHEN: 8:00 PM
WHERE: Mahon Community Centre

Check Classes section for more details.

Reading for tonight’s class can be found >>> here <<<

Training Schedule – Aug 2019

August 2019 Schedule:

Thu 01/08/2019 – Longsword Training
Sun 04/08/2019 – Longsword Training
Mon 05/08/2019 – *** Training Cancelled ***
Wed 07/08/2019 – German Longsword Course 7/10
Thu 08/08/2019 – Ringen Training
Sat 10/08/2019 – Cork City Military Show 2019
Sun 11/08/2019 – Cork City Military Show 2019
Sun 11/08/2019 – Coached Sparring: Longsword
Mon 12/08/2019 – Longsword Training
Wed 14/08/2019 – German Longsword Course 8/10
Thu 15/08/2019 – Longsword Training
Sun 18/08/2019 – Sidesword & Dagger Training
Mon 19/08/2019 – Coached Sparring: Sabre
Wed 21/08/2019 – German Longsword Course 9/10
Thu 22/08/2019 – Sabre Training
Sun 25/08/2019 – Blademasters League: Longsword
Mon 26/08/2019 – Sabre Training
Wed 28/08/2019 – German Longsword Course 10/10
Thu 29/08/2019 – Blademasters League: Sabre

Or click here to see our Schedule Page (bookmark it!)