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Sweden Longsword Open 2017 – Tournament Videos

Hello All,

Time for the review of this year’s last tournament of the NHFL (Nordic Historical Fencing League) – Sweden Open 2017!

Congratulations to the winners of the Longsword Tournament: Dennis Ljungqvist (KuHFS, Sweden) who took gold and become the overall winner of the NHFL 2017 season, Magnus Lundborg (UHFS, Sweden) took silver and Jesper Christiansen (Örebro HEMA, Sweden) who took bronze medal.  In the women division Sara Vertanen (EHMS , Finland) has won the gold over a fantastic match with Julia Yli-Hukka (GHFS, Sweden) who took silver.  Sara also has become the overall League champion of 2017. 

Also, there came an announcement that this will be the last league sesion for the NHFL for now at least as its organizers need some time for other projects so there will be no NHFL next year.  In a summary i have to say that because of the NHFL the overall skill level of its participants have skyrocketed over the last 3 years. All finalists are now mature, excellent fighters who are formidable opponents to anyone really. That was the goal of the league and it has exceeded everyone’s expectations! I really do expect our own Irish Historical Fencing League (IHFL) to achieve the same!

Here are the videos:

Mens Longsword Finals – Gold:

Women Longsword Finals – Gold:

Mens Longsword Finals – Bronze:

Ringen Lightweight Finals – Gold:


Helsinki Longsword Open 2017 – Tournament Videos

Hello All,

While we’re waiting for the first tournament (Blademasters Cup) of the Irish Historical Fencing League (IHFL) we might take a closer look at our older brother: Nordic Historical Fencing League (NHFL) and it’s tournaments. They have already started the season with Helsinki Longsword Open 2017!

In Men’s division Dennis Ljungqvist (KuHFS, Sweden) have taken well deserved gold over Kristian Ruokonen (EHMS, Finland) who took silver. It was a great fight to watch between two fighters who represents very mature and technical approach. Dennis won flawlessly without giving his opponent almost any openings at all while constantly controlling the distance.  Third place match was between Andrey Muzurin (Tramazzone, Russia) and Håvard Eidheim (FKFD, Norway) who won the bronze medal in a great style over Andrey Muzurin who represents very fast sport fencing style. It was another beautiful fight where two different styles of fencing clashed together and Håvard won by opposing speed with excellent technique! Congratulations to all! Well deserved!

In Women’s division Michela D’orlando (Waterloo Sparring Group, UK) won well deserved gold over Majken Roelfszema (MARS, The Netherlands), it was a close fight but Michela performance was very strong – she won most of the fights in clinch and score several good cuts from the High Vom Tag position (with perfect body mechanics). In a fight for a bronze match Sara Vertanen (EHMS, Finland) beat Hanna Kallio (EHMS, Finland) and won a bronze medal. Congratulations!

Personally, i’m very happy to see that historical fencing has reached such a mature level so let’s set this as a trend for the whole 2017 both in NHFL tournaments as well as IHFL ones! Now, let’s just watch the fights:

Men’s Final:

Men’s Bronze:

Women’s Final:

Women’s Bronze:


Örebro Open 2016 – Longsword Tournament Videos


Örebro Open 2016 was the last of the four tournaments of Nordic Historical Fencing League. Despite the fact that we already knew the winner for the Mens division (Dennis Ljungqvist) the fights were really intense! Congratulations to Dennis (KuHFS, Sweden) for taking the first place again, Thomas Nyzell (UHFS, Sweden) for taking the silver and Arto Fama (Zwaard & Steen, NL) for winning the bronze against our Scottish colleague Mark Wilkie! In Womens division we had Sara Vertanen (EHMS, Finland) who won gold and the overall win in the Women Division! Seconded by Kristine Konsmo (GHFS, Sweden) who won Silver and Julia Yli-Hukka (GHFS, Sweden) who took bronze. Congratulations to all!

Now let’s take a look at the videos as they were really good! Lots of thrusts and quick zwerchau like motions for a quick scores at the shoulder level. Bronze fight was even better! Intense but very technical on both sides, Arto Fama won the fight by using the long point or sprechfenster (speaking window) effectively which is a nice thing to see. I can see how the nordic fencing style 🙂 is beginning to form with its high guards and zwerchau movements with high winds and upper cuts being quite recognizable in both men and women fights! I’m very curious to see how it will develops further on!

Mens final:

Mens third place fight:

Women final:

Women third place:


Copenhagen Longsword Open 2016 – Tournament Videos

Hello All,

Copenhagen Open Videos are coming up on the You Tube now so let’s check them out!

First of all congratulations to Kristian Ruokonen (EHMS, Finland) for winning Gold, Magnus Lundborg (UHFS, Sweden) for Silver and Dennis Ljungqvist (KuHFS, Sweden), then to Michela D’Orlando (WSG, UK) for Gold (great job Michela!), Nadia Partala (EHMS, Finland) for Silver and Sara Vertanen (EHMS, Finland).

And beautiful fights they are: check the accuracy of thrusts in Denis’ fight (re last class) and the amazing angled zwerchaus of Kristian in a gold fight! Michela’s timing and craftsmanship of the blows! Lots of great technical fighting out there!

So here they are – longsword finals and bronze medal matches from Copenhagen Open 2016 plus finals from other tournaments (sabre, rapier and dagger) courtesy of CphHistFencingClub:


Oslo Longsword Open 2016 – Tournament Videos


Videos from the second tournament of the Nordic Historical Fencing League – Oslo Norway Open 2016 has been published thanks to Frie Duellister.

Congratulations to Dennis Ljungqvist (Gold again), Ties Kool for the Silver and Magnus Lundborg for the bronze. In Women’s division we got Sara Vertanen (Gold), Anna-Lotta Eriksson (Silver) and Michela D’Orlando (Bronze). Well done!

Men’s finals were very interesting as they had the same pair as before in Helsinki, both fighters knew each others fencing style very well so the fight was very cautious and thus nice to watch. Still you can see few good thrusts landed on both sides (this time Ties had a throat protector) but the fight was very linear because of that (i’d like to see more offline movement to prevent the doubles).

We only got finals published so far, so here they are:


Helsinki Longsword Open 2016 – Tournament Videos

Hi All,

2016 Tournament Season is officially open!

So here’s the first of the Nordic Historical Fencing League – Helsinki Longsword Open. Congratulations to Dennis Ljungqvist (KuHFS Sweden) for winning the Gold and Ties Kool (HVN Netherlands) for the silver, in Womens section it’s Sara Vertanen (Gold, EHMS Finland) and Julia Yli-Hukka (Silver, GHFS Sweden), Michela D’Orlando got Bronze 🙂 – Congratulations to all!

This year’s fight were very clear, skill level was very high (as usual with nordic tournaments) and the fights were very clear. It seems that as the skill level progresses fighters tend to go for simpler moves just because of their effectiveness (with mobility playing big part of that). Sounds familiar? Watch the both finals especially men and check out the thrust Ties got from Dennis (10:43) – a nice reminder of why we need the throat protector 🙂

Men’s final:

Men’s bronze:

Men’s semifinals:

Women’s final:

Women’s bronze:

Women’s seminfinals:


All videos are on the EHMS You Tube channel, so check them out (quarter finals, pools and cutting tournaments)!

As you may know Christine Maunsell went there as well – you can find her fights in the pool 2 section!


Örebro Longsword Open 2015 – Tournament Videos


Here’s the quick YouTube playlist with all the finals from the last part of the Nordic Historical Fencing League – Örebro Open 2015.  Ties Kool has become an official Champion of this year’s Nordic League after winning over Axel but check the bronze fight as well as there are some impressive moves to see (Thomas Nyzell had injured his right hand and Kristian agreed for both of them to fight left handed)!

Right now, it’s the Scandinavia that has the best fighters but this is changing quickly with each year as the new generations of fighters comes into play from all over Europe. Let’s wait and see what this year’s Swordfish will bring!

For now, enjoy the NHFL finals:



Copenhagen Longsword Open 2015 – Tournament Videos


Another tournament within the Nordic Historical Fencing League! This one is very special as some of our guys: Christine and Rob went there and fought bravely 🙂

So here’s a sneakpeak really, quick playlist with all finals and bronze matches. Check it out, especially the final fight, and look at how Ties Kool uses the hanging guard in middle distance! Very educating!