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Swordfish 2016 Longsword Tournament Videos


Please find below the longsword tournament videos from this year’s Swordfish.

Swordfish is considered by many as one of the most advanced tournament in Europe and the unofficial World Cup of HEMA thanks to the extraordinary skill levels of fighters participating in this event. And this year we have seen some fresh new faces taking the gold from the scandinavian fighters who although still very strong were not able to reach the top podium.

So BIG congratulations to Federico Dall Olio from Sala d’Arme dell’Appeso (Italy) for winning Gold in mens longsword, Michel Rensen from Zwaard & Steen (Netherlands) for Silver and Kristian Ruckonen from EHMS (Finland) for taking the bronze. In the ladies division we have: Julia Yli-Hukka from GHFS (Sweden) winning Gold, Sara Vertanen from EHMS (Finland) winning Silver and Carla Huvermann from Grün-Weiß Holten (Germany) for taking the bronze. 

Again the overall skill level has increased and all the fights were a pleasure to watch though my personal favourite was a bronze match with Anders Linnard vs Kristian Ruckonen who fought an extremely technical bout and won in great style! Longsword final was between two Zwerch masters (Italian winning the Swordfish in German Longsword style!) which was interesting to watch but not so exciting as the bronze match. Still – top class fencing everywhere so sit down and enjoy the show:

Mens Longsword Finals – Gold Match:

Mens Longsword Finals – Bronze Match:

Women Longsword Finals – Gold Match:

Women Longsword Finals – Bronze Match:

And as a bonus here’s another video with the highlights from the tournament – remember it wasn’t only longsword tournament but also sabre, rapier and dagger, sword and buckler and ringen (medieval wrestling), so there’s a lot more to watch!

Enjoy 🙂

Swordfish 2015 review & tournament videos

Hi Guys,

Let’s do it while it’s fresh – Swordfish 2015 the biggest HEMA event in Europe, by many considered to be the unofficial world championship in historical fencing due the extremely high level of  fencing  and the sheer number of participants from all over the world.

It happened over the last weekend – congratulations to all winners: Anders Linnard in longsword, Peter Smallridge in heavyweight wrestling, Piermarco Terminiello in rapier, and others I can’t recall right now but also to all silver and bronze medalists as the level was really high this year!

It’s a bit awkward to review a tournament that you just watched via livestream and participated only virtually but here we go:

  1. Weighted scoring system – again it worked really well, different scores for different body targets, doubles and afterblow points were substracted from the main score. I’m more and more convinced that this is the way to go with the current HEMA skill level as it really promotes clear fights (which are great for the spectators). We are going to use similar system from next year onwards both for our Blademasters League and the Blademasters Cup our official tournament that we’re going to launch in 2016.
  2. Longsword being our main interest in the moment is the focus of my review now, loads of skilled longsword people out there with the overall level much higher than the last year.  There are more and more sport fencers who are switching to HEMA and they tend to fight in a more sporty way, forcing people to use proper distance management and footwork techniques.  But this is good, it’s a lesson for both parties.
  3. Russian invasion 🙂 – they came, they fought and they won loads of medals in all categories, again big influence of sport fencing here but if it works and if it can bring more people to participate in HEMA then i’m all up for it.

So here’s the video below  – this is the expanded livestream version that includes invitational sword and buckler tournament, worth to check too!

Longsword finals starting at 2:14:00



PS. We got a backlog of other past tournaments that happened over the last few months – there are so many of them now it’s really hard to keep track or to choose the most important ones! I’ll try to put a few more reviews over the next few weeks so watch that space!

Swordfish 2014 – Longsword Tournament Videos

Hi All,

Below you will find a playlist with most longsword fights from this year’s Swordfish.  Loads of good fights there, I can see a nice increase in skill levels of all participants. Watch the finals at the very least (playlist starts from it)!

As you may know Swordfish is considered the biggest HEMA tournament worldwide, so apart from the longsword you will find rapier, sabers as well as wrestling tournaments there (no sword and buckler this year), search for you tube videos if you’re interested. There’s plenty of them available now.