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Open Day with Cork Blademasters!

We’re happy to invite all interested in HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) to come and join our OPEN DAY this Monday 24th of Sept 2018 at 8PM in Mahon Community Centre!

This taster class is a part of larger initiative by Hema Ireland to promote HEMA across the island so each HEMA Ireland affiliated club will organize a free taster class in September this year!

You can find more info about this event on our website:

Open Days

For people who are already interested in joining we do offer a 10 weeks German Longsword Course starting Monday week on 1st of Oct 2018. Please check the following pages for more info:

Recruitment Page >>> here <<<

German Longsword Course Page >>> here <<<

Check it out!

German Longsword Course 7/10 – Mon 03/09/2018


WHAT: German Longsword Course 7/10: Thumb Grip, Zwerchhau & Schielhau
WHEN: 8:00 PM
WHERE: Mahon Community Centre

Check Classes section for more details.

Reading for tonight’s class can be found >>> here <<<

Training Schedule – September 2018

September 2018 Schedule:

Sun 02/09/2018 – Longsword Training
Mon 03/09/2018 – German Longsword Course 7/10
Wed 05/09/2018 – Longsword Training
Thu 06/09/2018 – Sabre Training
Sat 08/09/2018 – Military Sabre Seminar
Sun 09/09/2018 – Sabre Training
Mon 10/09/2018 – German Longsword Course 8/10
Wed 12/09/2018 – German Longsword Course 9/10
Thu 13/09/2018 – Ringen Training
Sun 16/09/2018 – Longsword Training
Mon 17/09/2018 – German Longsword Course 10/10
Wed 19/09/2018 – Sidesword & Dagger Training
Thu 20/09/2018 – Coached Sparring: Longsword
Sun 23/09/2018 – Longsword Training
Mon 24/09/2018 – Open Day: Longsword
Wed 26/09/2018 – Coached Sparring: Sabre
Thu 27/09/2018 – Sabre Training
Sat 29/09/2018 – Synthetic Sabre Tournament
Sun 30/09/2018 – Fight Night: Blademasters League

Or click here to see our Schedule Page (bookmark it!)