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In order to start training with us you need to pass our entry level 10 Weeks German Longsword Course.

For us, this is a safety net, only people who finished the course will have enough accumulated knowledge to keep themselves safe and free of injuries during our advanced classes and other events.

Rank 2 students (Scholars) can join regular classes as well as participate in various events and tournaments – there’s whole new world to explore out there once you’re ready!

At rank 2 we train with a bit more intensity and we expand to other weapons as well – this is important as it teaches the system as a whole rather than some isolated techniques with one weapon only. It helps with coordination, distance management, teaches additional skills that can be transferred from one weapon to another. We also teach ringen – medieval grappling system that is the foundation of fencing, it is a great conditioning as well as your basic self defence skill that can be used with or without weapons.

For people who like competitive part of HEMA we offer many tournaments and events. We participate in Irish Historical Fencing League and we organize our own tournament as a part of the League.  In cooperation with HEMA Ireland we take part in many events on national and international level.

As a Scholar you will be required to buy at least some of the equipment – we can borrow you some but not all, for example it is recommended to have your own fencing mask and gloves as fencing is a sweaty business :)

We’ll tell you what you need – you can purchase some equipment from our SHOP or from other HEMA websites. It can be expensive but you don’t have to buy everything at once, we want you to take your time and decide only when you’re 100% ready.

Other than that you will join HEMA community welcoming and friendly, in Ireland it’s still very small but it’s growing fast! On the international level it is huge! International tournaments or events can easily host hundreds of people and run multiple tournaments and workshops along with social events where you can meet friends for life!

Enjoy the journey! That’s the best part :)