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Welcome in 2019!

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Let’s kick off the new historical fencing season with Cork Blademasters!

We’re going straight into action with our Meyer Diagram Challenge starting today on the 1st of Jan 2019! It is a daily cutting practice that everyone can do from the comfort of their own home, all that is required is to have a weapon (or a simulator) that can be used for this purpose! Train with us for 30 consecutive days in order to become a better fencer! This is an excellent conditioning for everyone interested in starting HEMA in 2019!

Meanwhile we’re launching our new season recruitment starting with a free Open Day session on Monday 7th of Jan 2019! If you are interested but not yet ready to commit to our 10 weeks course yet then check this out! It’s a free longsword class where you can learn the fencing fundamentals as well as a few longsword specific moves.

One week later we’ll launch our main recruiting event – 10 weeks long German Longsword Course that will start on Monday 14th of Jan 2018 @ Mahon Community Centre 8PM! This introductory historical fencing course is obligatory for all new members who wants to move onto the Scholar rank and start participating in the club activities!

There’s more to come! All 2019 seminars, tournaments and workshops will be announced soon! We’ll be very active locally in Cork as well as outside in Limerick and Waterford where we’ll work on incubating new fencing groups! We’ll work with Hema Ireland as well as IHFL (Irish Historical Fencing League) to bring more quality events and tournaments into Irish Hema scene this year!

Last but not least we’ll be expanding our own crew with new instructors and L3 gradings this year! More weapons, more fencing styles and more classes will become available for everyone who want to start their martial artist career in historical fencing!

Still have questions? Contact us and we’ll get back to you in no time!