New Season Recruitment!

Summer is here and we’re about to start new recruitment 🙂

Tomorrow on Wednesday 19/06/2019 @ Mahon Community Centre 8PM we’ll run our Open Day – free medieval longsword taster class that will allow you to experience what Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) is all about!

Everyone is welcome to join – please bring indoor sports shoes, comfortable clothes, towel and plenty of water!

More info:

If you want to continue your HEMA training with us then next Wednesday 26/06/2019 we’ll start our 10 Weeks long German Longsword Course! This is our main recruitment drive that will allow you to move to Scholar level and start participating in club activities!

This course is considered to be a minimum required standard for free fencing (sparring) and as such is obligatory for all who want to move onto the Scholar rank.

More info:

Blademasters League: Longsword Score Table – Jun 2019

Please find the updated rankings of the Longsword division below:

Nameno of BoutsWinsLossesDrawsPoints total
Joe H181251177
Luke L171250168
Brian M131120135
Andrzej R13670115
Nuno V13742112
Branden T13751107
Martin B13742101
Michael N1073093
Karl S1458170
Tomasz N1129064
Michal N1228259
Sam K824250
Fionn BC13111150
Grzegorz K532041
David B321022
Ronan L504117
Donnacha MC50419

We’re almost halfway through the League! Joe took over the first place again after the last session with only 9 points ahead though. Brian is on the third place with 32 points away.

Everyone can still easily catch up as there’s 6 more league tournaments to go!

Meanwhile, you can watch videos from the last Fight Night below:

New Group of students graduated to Scholars!

We’d like to officially congratulate our new Blademasters Scholars on passing the exam and successfully completing  10 Weeks German Longsword Course!

In order to pass the exam all students had to design and present their own 30 seconds longsword flourish which you can now admire via playlist below 

Also, as additional bonus you can see some of their very first bouts here:

One more time, congratulations to all and see you at the training!

New 10 Weeks German Longsword Course will start on Wednesday 26th of June 2019 8PM @ Mahon Community Centre! Be there 🙂

Not ready to commit to our 10 Weeks Course yet? Then check out our free Open Day sessions – come and try it out yourself!

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