Summer Longsword Workshop in 2 weeks!

It’s this time of the year again!

Our long awaited Summer Longsword Workshop will take place on Saturday 30th of June 2018 @ Little Island Sports Centre, Cork from 11am-5pm!

These workshops are aimed at beginners so everyone is welcome to try! We will cover all basic principles of edged based weapon fighting: footwork, using tempo and measure, basic guards and cuts as well as basic attack/defence strategies – we’ll even have some time at the end for a unique HEMA sparring experience!

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German Longsword Course 7/10 – Mon 11/06/2018


WHAT: German Longsword Course 7/10: Thumb Grip, Zwerchhau & Schielhau
WHEN: 8:00 PM
WHERE: Mahon Community Centre

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Reading for tonight’s class can be found >>> here <<<

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