As a part of our personal development Cork Blademasters is organizing Martial Art Courses & Workshops on a regular basis.


Our 10 Weeks German Longsword Course covers all basic principles of fencing, major techniques  and fighting strategies. It allows to put the training into context and gives an overview of the full system so it can be studied individually. This course is considered to be our entry level standard.

(…) without books you cannot be either a good teacher or a good student of this art.  And I can confirm it to be true, that this art is so vast that there is no one in the world with a memory large enough to be able to retain even a quarter of it. And it should also be pointed out that a man who knows no more than a quarter of the art has no right to call himself a Master. (…)

Fiore de’i Liberi, ‘The Flower of Battle’ (1404)


Every Novice is required to take a basic fencing course in order to upskill to the Scholar level. Scholars then can take advanced courses in order to become Free Scholars and then ultimately Blademasters.

More info about our School Structure can be found >>> here <<<

Full List of Events for 2019 can be found >>> here <<<


Past courses can be found on our Archives Page.

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  1. Hi I am interested in getting some courses / classes for my son 21yrs , a complete novice can you give me an idea of cost please.

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